Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lost In Aggression

This is one of my all time favorite local bands. My band used to open for them quite frequently. The guitar player , Mad Lee, is the only person I've ever seen who's right hand is so fast it actually is blurry. He is now in a band called "Mad Lee's Union". You should buy all his stuff. He is now selling this record on ebay. Oh and I didn't mention, He plays an original "silverburst" Gibson Les Paul. I've tried to get it off of him for years but he's too smart. Check out the side link to see it in all it's beauty.


Christina Needs Redemption-Lost In Aggression
Death To You
Looking For Some Answers


Devil Dick said...

look at you go!

Devil Dick said...

and yes, mad lee rules and i back all if his projects.

so much so he played harmonica on the solace cut loving sickness/burning fuel.

and yes, everyone should buy and support lee. he is a lifer.