Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Favorite Covers...

So the Devil has inspired me to create a covers list. While I could EASILY just put up the entire "For Ladies Only" I will not. Instead I will give you a short list of my faves. I would say I will update later but I know goddamn well I won't. Enjoy!
World War - Solace
Hardly Wait - Half Man
4-stix - Unsane
Eight Miles High - Husker Du
Beautiful - Hunchback w/ Michael Gerard
Summer In The City - Butthole Surfers
He's A Whore - Big Black
The Seeker - Zen Guerilla
I Am I Said - Killdozer
Have You Ever Seen The Rain - The Minutemen
Sealed With A Kiss - Surf Punks

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Every once in awhile I focus on different bands, different sounds and such and I think " Man, these guys are getting it right" then out of the blue(my cd changer on random) comes a minutemen song. And it happens every time! I sit back and go FUCK! This is what's right. And A DAmn underrated guitar player .Rock and Roll at it's finest! Please enjoy!

Dj's Car Jam/Anxious Mofo
Do You Want New Wave...
Viet Nam
History Lesson Part 2
Shit From An Old Notebook
The Red and The Black
The Roar Of The Masses...