Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Like Beer...

It's feast or famine with me people. Sometimes one post a month, others more. Anyhoo sometimes I update older posts so always scroll. Here is my tribute to songs about drinking. Not songs that make you want to drink, but songs glorifying the act itself. I may make a post with songs that make me want to drink. One for whiskey, one for beer. Enjoy! and Drink along!


Drunk - Jimmy Liggins and His Drops Of Joy
Goin' Down The Bar - The Wretched Ones
The Piano Has Been Drinking - Tom Waits
Joey - Concrete Blonde
She's Gone - P.W. Long
More Beer - Fear


Anonymous said...

Thats A great Photo
PW Long Cut is just Plain Awesome

Anonymous said...

lolololol...mmmm.. Nice trip and fall comp!.. I'm switching to blogspot.

COME TO LAURIE'S TONIGHT! around 5pm for filet mignon and chicken and beer

Devil Dick said...

come on loser post some more music and quit jerkin' the gerkin'!!!